Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend review

This weekend was sooo much fun! (i lead a boring life...but this weekend was the exception! haha)

Saturday was Avery Della Rose's first birthday party. i've been planning...and stressing...about this party for weeks. Right after the holidays were over, i went into full birthday party mode since her birthday is a mere 3 weeks after christmas.

My friends were reminding me that it was silly to stress over it. i mean, come on...she's 1. she's not going to remember it anyway. true! but in full jess fashion, if i'm doing something, i'm doing it all the way.

60 guests, a few hundred dollars, lots of food, presents and good conversation later, the party went off without a hitch. take a peek...
do i not have the most precious girl EVEERRRR?!

her favorite gift: minnie mouse vacuum cleaner

My cake! 

friends from out of town stayed at our place on saturday night. it was great getting to sit around and chat while the kids played. Avery also had her first co-ed bath with her friend, Brayden. There were pictures taken which WILL be used for embarrassment when they're teens. 

Today was a day of relaxing, destressing and cleaning. living far from friends is such a bummer...but it makes getting together for special occasions like this even more special! i love that!

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