Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Speaking of commitment....

funny how i finally got the balls to address my commitment issues yesterday and start this blog then  i was presented with another (new and exciting) opportunity dealing with commitment this morning.

my spinning instructor contacted me this morning and asked if i would consider becoming a spin instructor!!

i'll bore you guys with the story of when and how i decided to get fit another day.

but, a spin instructor?!?! me?!?! :-D

i won't lie. i've been thinking about it for months....but being the commitmentphob that i am, i always come up with reasons why i shouldn't....

will i enjoy it as much when it's a job?
will i be able to commit to a set schedule?
will adding another thing to my already crazy schedule stress me out??

so many things to think about but i'm so flattered that she asked.

anyone else addicted to spinning??


  1. Yay! Your first blog post! Yay, your first comment. I have never taken a spin class, but I guess if you love it go for it! If you don't like being an instructor you can always go back to just taking the class, but you don't know if you don't try! Maybe you will LOVE it!! Good luck, let me know what you decide!!!

    1. I'm nervous & excited at the same time! You should try a spin class- it's an awesome workout!! Are we doing color me rad??