Friday, January 18, 2013

Plans for the big 2-8!

so, last night i finalized my plans for my birthday this year...and boy, am i excited!

my mom, sister and i will be doing....


i completed my first (and only..womp, womp) 5K in july of 2012. i had big plans after that...and well, it just didn't pan out.

my first 5k was a little bit of a downer. while i should have been thrilled that i completed my goal of running a 5k, i was upset with myself that i didn't do better. my finish time was 32 minutes....sad compared to my 29 minute practice time from the week before.

here's where i think things went wrong....

1. it was the middle of july. sooooo hot, even first thing in the morning and the sun was beating down on you the whole race.
2. i run indoors. on a dreadmill. all. the. time. i told myself in weeks prior to the race that i was going to get outside and run. didn't happen. so rather than let down myself, my husband & my mom and bail on the race, i ran despite my lack of outside experience.
3. i set standards for myself that are too high. (i'm the only one that does that, right??) i should have been thrilled that i completed my goal, passed 3 people within the last quarter mile & made my husband proud. (he later admitted that he never thought i'd actually complete my goal of running a race.)

i need to be proud of myself instead of always expecting more.
so where to go from here??

make 2013 my year!!

starting with signing up for color me rad on my birthday....pretty much ment to be!
i also have a list of other 5k's that i plan on signing up for..including the dirty girl mud run with my girls from the gym!
i also set a goal of completing the hershey half marathon in october.
it is the sweetest place on earth...and i WILL be getting that sticker! :-D

in a month or so, when the weather warms up a little in PA, i'm going to start my c25k app over again outside. i'm able to run 5 miles on the dreadmill but put me outside and i'm total crap.

so excited about color me rad, meeting all my new goals & being proud of myself for what i AM able to accomplish.
what are you goals for this year????

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