Monday, March 4, 2013


so, here's my recap of day 5. then we'll get into my thoughts now that i'm halfway there.

i'm back to working my meal organization seems a little screwed up. i track what i eat in a 24 hour period.

day 5...wasn't pretty:
coffee with french vanilla creamer
entemann's donut (I DON'T EVEN LIKE DONUTS!!)
..ok, now that we've moved on from my big cleanse f**k up :)
salad with 1/2 avocado & chicken
venison roast, baby carrots & red quinoa (husband had potatoes and crescent rolls)
side note: my baby loves quinoa! it makes a damn mess but she lovvvvesss it! :)

today (day 6) so far:
oatmeal with 1 tbsp natural pb (forgot the flax seed)
tuna with olive oil mayo & 1 cup pineapple
pumpkin seeds & spark
planned for dinner: chicken, homemade baked sweet potato fries & cauliflower

ok. now that i've got my screw up out on the table, let's discuss how i feel about the cleanse so far.

i will admit, i feel great besides being tired but that's a direct result of night shift. my gut has been a little on the fritz lately but since on the cleanse, i haven't had any issues. no bloating, no stomachache etc. I'm not really sure how much of me feeling great is the cleanse and how much of it is me eating clean (staying away from carbs, dairy, sugar & caffeine).

since we're going there, we might as well go THERE. full disclosure, right? nothing really overly eventful, scary,  or frequent to report here. normal poops. once a day. no running to the bathroom sort of thing AT ALL.

favorite part of the cleanse? spark! i seriously look forward to it. i feel like it's my little treat in the afternoon. i put it in my blender bottle and add 10-12 ounces of water. the package says 8 oz but it was a little too sweet for me. i will definitely be buying more of the mango strawberry. however, i've heard the other flavors are bangin' too.

my spark and some good ol h2o

5 down, 5 to go :) and yes, i remembered to measure. day 11 will be a recap of the cleanse with before and after weight and measurements...and maybe even pics! :-0
blender bottle and spark all ready for tomorrow and my checklist. i love checklists :)

in other news, Avery and i went shopping for produce today. i have to say, it makes me feel so good to have a kitchen full of healthy options for me and my family.  makes me feel like a good mama.
my fridge looks like a damn mess. lol. bowls contain cut up pineapple & sweet potatoes cut for dinner tonight.

i'm running out of time! nap time is almost over! just one more thing. wanted to updated you on how my feb workout schedule went. drum roll plleeaassseeee....

total of 19 out of 28 days. not too shabby. 

i had planned on more but things such as sickness, lack of babysitters & weather came up. i also made it to the gym on the 1st of march so i've been hitting the 5 day/week mark for the past 2 weeks. i also went to kickboxing 4 times this month so there's another goal checked off the list. long runs were a different story. only managed to complete 2. 

i have a mental block when it comes to long runs. i go to kickboxing and spinning a few days per week which is some serious, that days i don't do those things, i feel like i need more weight training. most times, i don't have enough time for a long run (>5 miles) AND weight training. that's something i need to work on this month. 

i have my march schedule all planned out. i'll share that...and what's stressing me out next time :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 3 & 4

Two more days down! Almost half way :)

Day 3:
Whole grain toast with 1 tbsp natural pb
Turkey burger, red quinoa & broccoli
Spark, pumpkin seeds
5 slices turkey, 20 grapes
Apple with pb, 20 grapes

Felt pretty good today until the afternoon. Full disclosure: my stomach wasn't feeling great. No, I wasn't stuck in the case you were wondering. Lol. I thought maybe going to the gym would make me feel better.. 5 miles later, still not good. So I had some fruit and went to bed.

Day 4:
Oatmeal with 1 tbsp pb, 1 tbsp flax seed
Animal crackers 8 (again, whoops!)
1/2 avocado, turkey, 20 grapes
Multi-grain brown rice, chicken & broccoli
Cheesecake ball (shouldn't have....but SOO worth it)

Day 4 was fine..except for my 8 animal crackers and cheesecake ball. Lol. I felt much better though. Tonight I head back to work (nightshift). Now is when the real test begins. We'll see how I do without my caffeine.

So far, I don't feel amazingly better or worse. I'm going to trust it. There's a reason that the cleanse is 10 days...just trusting. Almost half way :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Can't there be a coffee and candy cleanse??

it's all i can think about. i'm on day 2 of the advocare herbal cleanse. and i want chocolate. and caffeine. and refined sugar. uggghhh..

yes, please!

so,'re supposed to eat clean. limit caffeine, refined sugar, dairy and carbs. whole grain carbs are ok. doesn't sound very difficult...but it's going to be a long 10 days.

there is a fiber drink in the morning of the first and last couple of days. i read lots online about how horrible it tastes. i don't think the taste is that bad. the texture on the other hand- WOOF! i just choke it down and move on with my day. There are also pills to take in the evening. they're huge. 

Three parts of the cleanse and when to take them.

i hate big pills. hate.

i miss my coffee in the morning. and of course, because i can't have junk, i want it. 

Day 1: pretty uneventful. i spent most of the day trying to get my head in the game. also, Avery and i went grocery shopping. it was torture. never go grocery shopping when you can't have most of what's in the store. ps. i also miss cheese. i weighed myself in the morning on day 1. forget to measure- i'll do that tomorrow. 

Day 1 meals: 
oatmeal with 1 tbsp pb
carrots and a small apple
big ass salad with chicken
pumpkin seeds & spark
taco salad (no shell)

Day 2: going well until this evening...i'm not feeling that hot this evening. not sure if it's related or not. i will admit, there's plenty to eat. it's more a mind over matter thing at this point. i get so accustomed to my habits..certain meals, etc. so now that my routine is changed up a bit, i'm out of whack. 

Day 2 meals:
oatmeal with 1 tbsp pb and 1 tbsp flax seed
3/4 banana
chicken (2 servings) & tomato slices
animal crackers *rule breaker, whoops* & spark
turkey burger (no bun), broccoli & homemade baked sweet potato fries

i did invest in spark, advocare's energy drink. i bought the mango strawberry flavor and man is it delicious! it's probably something that i'll continue to drink once this is over. 

wish me luck- i'll keep you updated.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tomorrow never comes...

This post was supposed to be tomorrow's post a few days ago. whoops!

anyway, been busy with the baby and other obligations. so, i know you'll all dying to know how February's workout plan is going!

well, lets just say, not as well as i had hoped :-/

the good news is, i've been getting to the gym 4-5 days a week which is excellent but falling a little short of my goals. The first week i blame on weather. snow caused me to miss a day and miss my once a week kickboxing goal. oh well, some things you can't control.

This week i'm on track: kickboxing tomorrow morning with will make my 5th day at the gym and today i managed my longest run in awhile, 3.5 miles. not exactly where i want to be...but better than lately so i'll take it. hubby is working tomorrow so i secured pop-pop to babysit A. She loves to say "pop-pop". lol.

anyway, back at you in a couple days will a full recap of feb...and details on the cleanse coming up in my future! :-0

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


i feel like a wet noodle. i could slide right off this chair.

i just had a hot stone massage. bliss. heaven on earth. i could have kissed the women when she was finished. I got a gift card for the spa TWO Christmases ago. yes, that's right. I finally decided to make the appointment...what better time than my staycation? my mil volunteered to watch the baby while i go which was awesome. my husband took her out this morning so i spent the morning getting everything ready for my Stampin' Up class this week, hit the gym then showered and headed to my massage. 
don't you feel relaxed just looking at this?? :)

yes, i love crafts. yes, i'm a Stampin' Up demonstrator. i love it but these days it gets put on the back burner more than i'd like. Funny the things that happen when your craft room turns into a nursery. lol. 

anyway, this past weekend my husband and i spent the day out. 
my outfit: skinny jeans for tj maxx ($17), boots and top from kohls

scarf from kikilarue <3

We saw Identity Thief? Theft? i don't even know what the name of the movie was. can you tell that i was more excited about the popcorn?? haha. i didn't even feel guilty about it. i kicked ass at kickboxing that morning and ate my little heart out. i go to the movies like twice a year. i'm.eating.the.popcorn. movie was ok. 

after that we did a little produce shopping at aldi's & bought curtains for my bedroom which we renovated almost 2 years ago. yup. dropped the ball on that one. 
$74 and i got A LOT of produce.

last, we went to Lornhorn Steakhouse for dinner. my husband got a huge steak. i got chicken which was delish. 

it was so nice to have a day baby free...even though i talked about how much i missed her like a million times. 

tomorrow: update on my February workout plan!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day...and my reality.

Happy Valentines Day! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I'm spending the day with my sweet love, Avery Della Rose. This morning we attempted to make heart shaped cinnamon rolls...a special, not so healthy breakfast for a special day. Later, we'll be reading "Happy Valentines Day, Little Critter."
yes, that's what i look like at 6:30 am. Ben should have told me that i had hair sticking out. lol.

yes, please.

As far as the hub goes, we're waiting until saturday to celebreate. my in-laws are graciously watching Avery for the day so my husband and i can get out for the day. This will be the third time in over a year...and yes, i'm counting. i can't wait. We're probably going to do a little shopping, hit a movie (i don't even know what's playing these days) and dinner. Ben requested Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner.. fine by me.

i think i'm mostly excited about getting to wear some of my new clothes. let's face it. this is my reality...

most days, i'm in sweats or pajamas. getting a shower is out of the question unless i waste precious nap time...and i usually go to the gym when my husband gets home from work. who needs to shower to go to the gym? not this girl. especially when that time could be used to go to the bathroom in peace. :)

but on occasaion, i do my hair. and wear real clothes....

first time using my curling wand!

new levi's from kohls & clearance top from target

yay! can't wait for saturday! :)

coming up soon:
what's currently perplexing me about working out
my thoughts on brady bands & flipbelts

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My life is over.

Well, that's what I thought yesterday when I realized that by updating my iPhone, I had somehow lost all of my contacts and my entire calendar.

At first, I wasn't sure which was a bigger deal. Then slowly, the answer became clear. The calendar!!

Sure, it sucks that my contacts are gone but anyone who I really need to get in touch with, I can.

Losing my calendar is as shitty as losing my right hand. Seriously.

I first decided on getting a calendar app cause lets face it, the iPhone one doesn't cut it for those as anal as i. i need things to be color coded and be able to take one glance at and see exactly what I'm doing. After I committed to the new app, it was seriously 6 months before I purged my paper calendar. Weird, I know. But I just couldn't do it...and now I'm kicking myself.

I have a list if people to call and find out when my obligations/appointments etc are... And everytime I think im going to freak out, I tell myself "you're not going to die over your calendar being lost." Lmao.

Dear apple,
Next time, take my right hand.