Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend in review

so, the events of saturday i already covered. here's some pics of my loot....

don't you just LOOOVVEE when clothes fit? and are on sale? 

$60 dress for $15. tons of weddings this year. this dress will be perfect.

one of the cute outfits for my babes..never mind the toes in the pic :)

new boots! my old boots were like 7 years old...and it showed.

jeans that fit?!?! sooo excited for these and my new colored skinny jeans!

this was BY FAR my deal of the day. nike running skirt...marked down to $4.80 plus i got an additional discount. i payed less than $3. retails for around $50. 

Lola checking out my new running socks and chevron eye mask. yes, i wear an eye mask when i sleep during the day. (working nights blows)

so. that was my saturday. pretty good haul, huh? sunday my husband spent ice fishing and i did the usual weekend stuff with the babe. 

Ben looks less than thrilled..i think that had more to do with the temperature- around 10 degrees.

Last thing before i call it a night. BIG PLANS FOR FEB!

i'm anal, i know...but prior to every month i fill out a calendar with what particular activity i'm going to do each day and i also use this to schedule my days off. i work 12 hour night shifts and work an hour away from my job so my rest days are usually in between nights of working. if i go right to bed when i get home, i have 7 hours of sleep before getting up, hanging with the baby, making dinner and heading back to work for another 12 makes the most sense for those days to be rest days.

 sleep is important in your overall health too! :)

**disclaimer: i usually don't follow my schedule exactly. however, it sets up a good framework for the month. i LOVE having a plan. i tend to overdo it on my schedule a litte bit but that's totally intention. things always come up. this way, i'm prepared and still get enough workout days in**

the following is my feb schedule:

2 rest days this month. i know what you're thinking. 

like i mentioned, i'm sure things will come up..but this is my guideline. plus, i scheduled a staycation in February so i have less rest days this month than usual because i'm working less. 

1. workout at least 2o times (5x a week)
2. attend kickboxing at least once a week
3. one long run per week

i think that those are some pretty hefty goals for one month so we'll leave it at that for now :)


  1. I love your bargains! makes me want to have a day to go shopping!!...but maybe i'll save that day for March 16th