Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's in a name?

first link-up! w00t! Head over to Amanda's blog to catch up with everyone else.

This link-up is all about our babies (fur babies included) and how they got their names.

My daughters name is Avery Della Rose. Here's the story...

My husband and i never...i mean NEVER EVER...agree on anything. i swear, he'd tell me that the sky is purple just to be a pain in the ass. so when it came to naming our child, i figured it would be world war 3.

in true type A fashion, i had to make a list:


we showed the list to my dad's only comment was how trendy all the names were. What did he expect us to name her? Ethel? Delores? 

anyway, to my surprise, we actually came to an agreement on Avery. 
that was the easy part. 

we kept the name a secret that way there was some sort of surprise when she was born...but we could not..i mean, could not...even come up with a list of possible middle names. we wanted cute and meaningful. 

we tossed around Rose. My Poppy had flower beds full of different types of obscure but meaningful to me. ...but we weren't sold. 

close to the 9 month mark, i was filling our Avery's family tree and my husband was calling around to find out his grandparent's full names. His grandmother's middle name was Della. Her grandmother's middle name was Della. now, we liked Della. 

Avery Rose...Avery Della. hmmm...ok, but not perfect. 

I'm sure that she'll hate us later for this but we decided to go with both. Avery Della Rose. Perfect :)

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