Friday, February 8, 2013

Recipe for bad blogging & Pity party for one

i feel like i've already been slacking on the blog front. It's just been the perfect recipe for disaster lately and for that i my 2 readers. 

anyway, my schedule has been crappy, i've been so busy and haven't been feeling well. The days that i'm off, i'm home with my 1 year old...going on 15. keeping her occupied enough to write a post is impossible. i can't even keep her occupied long enough to go to the bathroom in peace. plus, the second she sees that you're at the computer, she automatically wants to get on your lap and pound on the keys like wack-a-mole. so that's out. 

then there's nap time. i've had so much to catch up on during nap time that i go nonstop for the 30-45 minutes that she's down...assuming that actually happens. a little husband help would solve this problem but no way that's going to happen during ice fishing season. 

that brings us to bedtime. by this time, usually 7pm, i'm so flipping exhausted that all i want to do is take a shower and go to bed...assuming that i still don't have to make dinner. mehhh. 

i wish i could blog in the shower. i get some really awesome ideas in the shower.

but don't worry, i've been jotting down ideas of things to  blog...when i find the time. 

as for right now? have to address the thank you notes that have been sitting on my desk for 2 weeks. whoops!

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