Saturday, February 9, 2013

My life is over.

Well, that's what I thought yesterday when I realized that by updating my iPhone, I had somehow lost all of my contacts and my entire calendar.

At first, I wasn't sure which was a bigger deal. Then slowly, the answer became clear. The calendar!!

Sure, it sucks that my contacts are gone but anyone who I really need to get in touch with, I can.

Losing my calendar is as shitty as losing my right hand. Seriously.

I first decided on getting a calendar app cause lets face it, the iPhone one doesn't cut it for those as anal as i. i need things to be color coded and be able to take one glance at and see exactly what I'm doing. After I committed to the new app, it was seriously 6 months before I purged my paper calendar. Weird, I know. But I just couldn't do it...and now I'm kicking myself.

I have a list if people to call and find out when my obligations/appointments etc are... And everytime I think im going to freak out, I tell myself "you're not going to die over your calendar being lost." Lmao.

Dear apple,
Next time, take my right hand.



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  2. yikes! i'd be so lost with out my calendar too! i'm still old school paper calendar since i have yet to break down and get a smart phone (behind the times).
    is there a calendar app that can sync with an email or online account?

    1. Yes! Mine can! I just didnt know about it until last night. Lol. Now it's backed up. I got an app to back up my contacts too. So I should be in the clear if I ever decide to update my phone again... Doubt that'll ever happen. Lol