Friday, February 22, 2013

Tomorrow never comes...

This post was supposed to be tomorrow's post a few days ago. whoops!

anyway, been busy with the baby and other obligations. so, i know you'll all dying to know how February's workout plan is going!

well, lets just say, not as well as i had hoped :-/

the good news is, i've been getting to the gym 4-5 days a week which is excellent but falling a little short of my goals. The first week i blame on weather. snow caused me to miss a day and miss my once a week kickboxing goal. oh well, some things you can't control.

This week i'm on track: kickboxing tomorrow morning with will make my 5th day at the gym and today i managed my longest run in awhile, 3.5 miles. not exactly where i want to be...but better than lately so i'll take it. hubby is working tomorrow so i secured pop-pop to babysit A. She loves to say "pop-pop". lol.

anyway, back at you in a couple days will a full recap of feb...and details on the cleanse coming up in my future! :-0

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