Friday, February 1, 2013

Living the dream...and playing catch up.

The past few days have been the same old routine. work, sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat....rinse, repeat. i'd have to say that this is the one major downfall to 12 hour shifts. it really leaves little to no time for other things unless you're willing to compromise sleep.

i've worked the past 3 nights so nothing has gotten done around here in days. Avery just went down for her nap so now is my time to play catch up! on the list of to-do's are: pay bills, address the thank you cards that have been sitting on my desk for a week, update the blog :), and order Avery's one year pictures.

seriously. we have the best photographer. her ability to catch the perfect image is, she's fun to work with and so cute and stylish. obvious criteria for someone who's documenting your life :)

check her out here

here are some of my favs...

next on my list, scheduling a massage. have had the giftcard for over a year...keeping myself toward the top of the list :0

**update: kid didn't sleep. didn't get anything done besides this post. such is life. i'll try again tomorrow. off to the gym then taco night!**

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