Tuesday, February 19, 2013


i feel like a wet noodle. i could slide right off this chair.

i just had a hot stone massage. bliss. heaven on earth. i could have kissed the women when she was finished. I got a gift card for the spa TWO Christmases ago. yes, that's right. I finally decided to make the appointment...what better time than my staycation? my mil volunteered to watch the baby while i go which was awesome. my husband took her out this morning so i spent the morning getting everything ready for my Stampin' Up class this week, hit the gym then showered and headed to my massage. 
don't you feel relaxed just looking at this?? :)

yes, i love crafts. yes, i'm a Stampin' Up demonstrator. i love it but these days it gets put on the back burner more than i'd like. Funny the things that happen when your craft room turns into a nursery. lol. 

anyway, this past weekend my husband and i spent the day out. 
my outfit: skinny jeans for tj maxx ($17), boots and top from kohls

scarf from kikilarue <3

We saw Identity Thief? Theft? i don't even know what the name of the movie was. can you tell that i was more excited about the popcorn?? haha. i didn't even feel guilty about it. i kicked ass at kickboxing that morning and ate my little heart out. i go to the movies like twice a year. i'm.eating.the.popcorn. movie was ok. 

after that we did a little produce shopping at aldi's & bought curtains for my bedroom which we renovated almost 2 years ago. yup. dropped the ball on that one. 
$74 and i got A LOT of produce.

last, we went to Lornhorn Steakhouse for dinner. my husband got a huge steak. i got chicken which was delish. 

it was so nice to have a day baby free...even though i talked about how much i missed her like a million times. 

tomorrow: update on my February workout plan!

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