Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day...and my reality.

Happy Valentines Day! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I'm spending the day with my sweet love, Avery Della Rose. This morning we attempted to make heart shaped cinnamon rolls...a special, not so healthy breakfast for a special day. Later, we'll be reading "Happy Valentines Day, Little Critter."
yes, that's what i look like at 6:30 am. Ben should have told me that i had hair sticking out. lol.

yes, please.

As far as the hub goes, we're waiting until saturday to celebreate. my in-laws are graciously watching Avery for the day so my husband and i can get out for the day. This will be the third time in over a year...and yes, i'm counting. i can't wait. We're probably going to do a little shopping, hit a movie (i don't even know what's playing these days) and dinner. Ben requested Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner.. fine by me.

i think i'm mostly excited about getting to wear some of my new clothes. let's face it. this is my reality...

most days, i'm in sweats or pajamas. getting a shower is out of the question unless i waste precious nap time...and i usually go to the gym when my husband gets home from work. who needs to shower to go to the gym? not this girl. especially when that time could be used to go to the bathroom in peace. :)

but on occasaion, i do my hair. and wear real clothes....

first time using my curling wand!

new levi's from kohls & clearance top from target

yay! can't wait for saturday! :)

coming up soon:
what's currently perplexing me about working out
my thoughts on brady bands & flipbelts


  1. Happy Valentines!! What a sweet baby girl! And cinnamon rolls, my fave!!