Monday, March 4, 2013


so, here's my recap of day 5. then we'll get into my thoughts now that i'm halfway there.

i'm back to working my meal organization seems a little screwed up. i track what i eat in a 24 hour period.

day 5...wasn't pretty:
coffee with french vanilla creamer
entemann's donut (I DON'T EVEN LIKE DONUTS!!)
..ok, now that we've moved on from my big cleanse f**k up :)
salad with 1/2 avocado & chicken
venison roast, baby carrots & red quinoa (husband had potatoes and crescent rolls)
side note: my baby loves quinoa! it makes a damn mess but she lovvvvesss it! :)

today (day 6) so far:
oatmeal with 1 tbsp natural pb (forgot the flax seed)
tuna with olive oil mayo & 1 cup pineapple
pumpkin seeds & spark
planned for dinner: chicken, homemade baked sweet potato fries & cauliflower

ok. now that i've got my screw up out on the table, let's discuss how i feel about the cleanse so far.

i will admit, i feel great besides being tired but that's a direct result of night shift. my gut has been a little on the fritz lately but since on the cleanse, i haven't had any issues. no bloating, no stomachache etc. I'm not really sure how much of me feeling great is the cleanse and how much of it is me eating clean (staying away from carbs, dairy, sugar & caffeine).

since we're going there, we might as well go THERE. full disclosure, right? nothing really overly eventful, scary,  or frequent to report here. normal poops. once a day. no running to the bathroom sort of thing AT ALL.

favorite part of the cleanse? spark! i seriously look forward to it. i feel like it's my little treat in the afternoon. i put it in my blender bottle and add 10-12 ounces of water. the package says 8 oz but it was a little too sweet for me. i will definitely be buying more of the mango strawberry. however, i've heard the other flavors are bangin' too.

my spark and some good ol h2o

5 down, 5 to go :) and yes, i remembered to measure. day 11 will be a recap of the cleanse with before and after weight and measurements...and maybe even pics! :-0
blender bottle and spark all ready for tomorrow and my checklist. i love checklists :)

in other news, Avery and i went shopping for produce today. i have to say, it makes me feel so good to have a kitchen full of healthy options for me and my family.  makes me feel like a good mama.
my fridge looks like a damn mess. lol. bowls contain cut up pineapple & sweet potatoes cut for dinner tonight.

i'm running out of time! nap time is almost over! just one more thing. wanted to updated you on how my feb workout schedule went. drum roll plleeaassseeee....

total of 19 out of 28 days. not too shabby. 

i had planned on more but things such as sickness, lack of babysitters & weather came up. i also made it to the gym on the 1st of march so i've been hitting the 5 day/week mark for the past 2 weeks. i also went to kickboxing 4 times this month so there's another goal checked off the list. long runs were a different story. only managed to complete 2. 

i have a mental block when it comes to long runs. i go to kickboxing and spinning a few days per week which is some serious, that days i don't do those things, i feel like i need more weight training. most times, i don't have enough time for a long run (>5 miles) AND weight training. that's something i need to work on this month. 

i have my march schedule all planned out. i'll share that...and what's stressing me out next time :)


  1. Sounds like you are doing great!! Glad you are feeling the positive effects of the Cleanse. And I have Spark on Autoship LOL

    1. Thanks Susan! I'm actually on day 7- missed a day in there somewhere. Lol. When I'm ready for more spark, I'll come to you! What are the other flavors? I've heard fruit punch & grape are great.